The Complete Book of Shelby

The Complete Book of Shelby

Tomorrow, June 19th, is Outdoor Movie Night at Road America so we asked noted author Colin Comer about the connection the film has to Road America:

Long before Ford v. Ferrari at LeMans the Shelby team was duking it out at RA and the mere sight of the Shelby transport trucks rolling in stuffed with Competition Cobras struck fear into the competition. With drivers like Ken Miles, Dave MacDonald, Bob Bondurant, Lew Spencer and others pushing around the likes of Roger Penske in his Ferrari 250 GTO it could be said the Ford v. Ferrari battle started right here at Road America! 

Pick up your own copy of Colin Comer's award winning book "The Complete Book of Shelby" which not only details the Cobras in competition but also has a chapter dedicated to the Ford GT40s that beat Ferrari at LeMans and are the subject of the blockbuster film "Ford v. Ferrari."

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