RC Car Lamborghini Huracan

True to original paint
All Deluxe Car models from JAMARA are robotically painted. This process is unique to licensed vehicles. Instead of a simple dyed plastic, this painting process uses paints that are based on the original colour of the vehicle manufacturer.

Detailed interior
In addition to the true-to-the-original vehicle design, the licensed vehicles on a scale of 1:14 also have an interior modelled on the original. With steering wheel, dashboard and equipment features like the real car of this brand. Everything has been taken care of and implemented down to the smallest detail.

LED driving lights
Just like a real vehicle in the special equipment, this model has a start-stop LED driving light. As soon as the model starts driving, the headlights light up brightly. When the car stops, the LED driving lights go out again. This function saves energy and increases the driving time of the model.

Doors can be opened manually
On this model, the doors can be opened manually on both sides. Simply reach through the window opening and with a gentle pull you can open the doors and close them again in the same way.

Opening/closing the boot lid manually
The boot lid of this model can be opened as in the real thing. When open, the lid reveals details that have been modelled exactly on the original vehicle.