Jianhui 4-Strand Pashmina

Jianhui London is a sustainable jewellery brand inspired by nature and the juxtaposition of urban life. Mixing creativity with innovative ethical designs we believe that style and sophistication is important and so is doing our best to protect our planet.

For over 10 years at Jianhui London they have been handcrafting pieces from recycled, sustainable materials such as wood, paper, leathers and pearls resulting in a range of beautiful eye catching environmentally friendly designs ranging from necklaces, earrings, bracelets, scarves and hats.

The Pashmina is four sections of beads that can be worn in endless ways - as a pendant, twisted choker (as shown), a necklace with a knot, a bracelet, and a french plait.

It is made of hundreds of tiny light-weight piece of recyled wood using environmentally friendly dyes.

Jianhui pieces are found in the world's finest museums and has won awards for design.